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  • Warsteiner

    Warsteiner Digital

    Since 2012 we’ve accompanied the world-famous German premium beer brand Warsteiner and look back together upon a successful time.

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  • Clockhouse

    Clockhouse Social Media

    Since 2015 Gooqx advises and digitally guides C&A’s store brand Clockhouse. The objective is to position and solidify Clockhouse in a private digital ecosystem.

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With knowledge,
passion, heart & soul

Adapting to today’s speed requires multidisciplinary performances and ideas for brands and products.

Founded in 2012, Gooqx lives and achieves this Zeitgeist to the fullest. With a team of visionary creatives, digital natives and uber-talented professionals, Gooqx shapes projects of the future by understanding the brand’s fundamental essence.

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11. October 2018 said Valerie
Fashion Net Düsseldorf - App Development

Fashion Net Düsseldorf
App Development

Düsseldorf as a fashion location has a long-standing, international and still exciting tradition. …

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27. September 2018 said Katharina
Speakerbox No. 17 - Katharina Ziemkus

Gooqx Speakerbox
No. 17 - Katharina Ziemkus

What is Gooqx? Gooqx is defined by all its team members, all its departments and all its possibilities …

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24. September 2018
10. October 2018 said Valerie
Pomme des Garçons - Blog Relaunch

Pomme des Garçons
Blog Relaunch

A glimpse at plates around the world, behind the scenes of individual production …

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25. September 2018 said Valerie

How to create magic: Mix creatives from different fields w/ a splash of insanity and tasty food!

24. September 2018 said Yu-Ting
Recap Zalando’s Bread&&Butter

Zalando’s Bread&&Butter

How Zalando has turned a trade fair into a consumer entertainment event …

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10. October 2018 said Dajana
Welcome Julian & Ozzy

Julian & Ozzy

We are building a design empire, watch out! To expand our design department …

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24. September 2018 said Dajana
At the Gooqx-side of life

At the
Gooqx-side of life

Same same but different – as in the years before, we wanted to celebrate …

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29. August 2018 said Carry
Gooqx Speakerbox No. 16 - Carry Seidenberg

Gooqx Speakerbox
No. 16 - Carry Seidenberg

Podcast listeners are the hyper-engaged, super-supportive audience …

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