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Adapting to today’s speed requires multidisciplinary performances and ideas for brands and products.

Founded in 2012, Gooqx lives and achieves this Zeitgeist to the fullest. With a team of visionary creatives, digital natives and uber-talented professionals, Gooqx shapes projects of the future by understanding the brand’s fundamental essence.

Gooqx masters projects with the highest understanding of aesthetics, state-of-the-art technological expertise and a unique sense for the contemporary.



  • lifestyle
  • fashion
  • food and beverage
  • music
  • technology


Gooqx offers all kinds of services you need for your product and business endeavours, may it be exceptional design, creative marketing strategies or flawless development solutions.


  • Creation

    Those who love and live design understand the significance of quality. Our crew of creatives provide products and brands with an individual face through graphic, web and interface design. We are able to focus and strategically work through all creative processes, without having to restrict our creative development. With our devotion to composition we provide the right intonation at the right time and right place.

    • Corporate Design
    • Communication Concepts
    • Web and Interface Design
    • Graphic Design
    • Product Design
  • Development

    Our goal is to make technical and complex processes user-friendly. For cross-platform solutions, we work with trusted practices and state-of-the-art technology.

    To bridge functionality and design, we create comprehensively arranged user-interfaces for your website or app. Furthermore we combine many years of technical experience with the development of new ideas for websites and online shops.

    • Front End Development
    • Responsive UI and UX Design
    • Web Animation
    • Mobile Web Applications
    • Back End Development
    • Software Development
    • Mobile Application Development
    • Tailored Content Management System Solutions
    • E-Commerce Solutions
    • API Connectivity Solutions
  • Consulting

    We develop brand strategies, provide brand consulting and draft campaigns both online and offline. Good communication, expert advice and creative collaboration stand at the forefront of each of our assignments.

    • Strategic Planning & Analysis
    • Creative Brand Consulting
    • Brand Development
    • Creative Concepts
    • Marketing & Communications
    • Digital Concepts
    • Content Marketing
  • Social

    Social medias have the greatest influence on online marketing companies, though direct interaction with customers creates the greatest appeal. We take care of Digital Marketing Services – from Communication Strategy and Content Marketing to Community Management.

    • Social Media Strategy
    • Community Management
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Social Media Advertising
    • Social Media Management
  • Production

    Content is king. And not only a metaphorical king but also the foundation of branded communication in nowadays digital ecosystem. We are totally aware of that and our clients know it as well.

    Our approach of creating content is based on our understanding of the right strategy, the understanding of target groups and most importantly…the Zeitgeist of today’s digital community. Let us help you to communicate the story you'd like to tell whether through film or photography.

    • Concept & Storyboard Development
    • Pre-Production
    • Production Management
    • Creative Direction

The heritage of the name Gooqx

Gook is a derogatory term for East and Southeast Asians, and was originally predominantly used by the US military during war in the 1950s.

The Oxford English Dictionary states that the origin of the current usage is unknown. However, a possible origin is the similar pronunciation of the Korean (미국) and Vietnamese (Mỹ Quốc) word, or respectively, the archaism for “America”, which sound like miguk. American soldiers might have heard locals saying that word while referring to Americans, and misinterpreted this as "Me gook."

After Gooqx founder Huy Dieu - who has Asian origins - had been called a Gook in school, he decided to use the term with a twinkle in his eye when he opened his own business. His intention was to turn the meaning of that racial slur around and mend it into something to be proud of. After all, the influence of and passion for Asian culture, with its fashionable and fast-paced trends, and its full flavours and colours, is an undeniable inspiration for Gooqx, and most likely part of the reasons for our success.


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