Getting lost in Marrakesh’s streets for Clockhouse

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27. April 2018

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Getting lost in Marrakesh’s
streets for Clockhouse

We recently had the chance to experience one of the most fashionable cities of the year. A city that, as we know now, everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime: Marrakesh. Surrounded by this city’s unique architecture, we produced photo and video content for the spring/summer 2018 campaign for our client Clockhouse, C&A’s young fashion brand.

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Due to a busy five day production that included many different collection pieces, Marrakesh was a fruitful place as it offers a lot of distinctive locations. The surroundings of the desert, picturesque riads, the impressive Medina – we could not possibly have enough collections with us to make use of the endless opportunities this city offers.

A labyrinth of alleyways, lanes, backstreets and squares absorbs you and lures you into the historic center, in which time seems to have stopped a long time ago. The colours of Marrakesh and charming play of light and shadows in the city creates very interesting scenes for photo as well as video production.

One of the highlights of our production was one shooting at an old film set from the movie “The Hills have Eyes“ (2006) in the city of Ouarzazate. This 60ies “Gas Haven“ pops out in the middle of nowhere and immediately brings you straight to the USA’s south west. Everything remained untouched after the initial film shoot had finished and the place has a unique deserted atmosphere. All of this made discovering Marrakesh a pleasure – with all its colours, sounds, and different faces.

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