Cop or drop – Beats to dance to in your new kicks

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Valerie Ox



19. July 2018

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Cop or drop
Beats to dance to in your new kicks

Have you ever given any thought to the ever present footwear - sneakers - and their evolution?

These days there is a global obsession worn by billions and found in every corner of the earth. Looking at our own office, we have gathered not only talents at the agency, but also extreme hypebeast and hypebaes. From Off-Whites to special Nike releases, Acronym hunters, KITH collectors and AMBUSH seekers or Chinatown market lovers, sneaker culture is a lasting part within the Gooqx DNA.

Footwear of choice for millions across the globe, what was once a subculture of sneakerheads turned into a hype to wear the latest kicks. Brands attract consumers with limited releases. OH THE JOY, when you finally get your hands on a new release!

To all the sneaker lovers: imagine you have unboxed your new pair of sneakers and finally take them out on the street, which beats would accompany you and which song would be the first you would dance to in the new shoes? Here is our finest (Hip Hop heavy) selection to which you can dance to, celebrating your conquest of sneaker heaven and imagine your own soundtrack to „That one time I was lucky and copped“.

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