DRMTM Clothing Fest of Liberation

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Huy Dieu



06. April 2014

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DRMTM Clothing Slow Life Lover

Collection Spring/Summer 2014

The new age of technology is growing and moving so quickly, that we take past pioneers and world changes for granted.

May it be computers or bio and nanotechnology, society is ever changing and doesn’t accept the status of stagnation any more. It feels like we humans have to adapt to the speed which we invented ourselves. But is it really a speed that we can control? Or is the newest technology self accelerating? One of the first things new technology does is making new and better technology.

You get it? The Slowlife Lover collection is paying homage to the life that we have lost without recognizing it. Let’s forget time, money, power for a while and let’s celebrate the comeback to the nature of time and push the “Not-so-fast” button.

DRMTM is a Contemporary Streetwear Brand that takes over every step of the way: from design process through corporate design, production, web development, social media and content building, to events.

DRMTM was established in 2006 envisioning the development of modern street fashion designed in Germany. By mixing classic styles with contemporary elements, DRMTM strives to create ready-to-wear-garments for young individualists emphasizing state-of-the-art designs and provoking messages on classic products. With its roots in the urban lifestyle scene, DRMTM has evolved from a local label to a globally known brand. Their fashionable, high quality products have made DRMTM a popular name among street fashion enthusiasts worldwide. With a collection of around 200 styles per season, and selling in more than 10 countries worldwide, DRMTM has become an established and successful brand.

DRMTM Clothing I AM Collection
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