DRMTM Ten Collection

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01. September 2016

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DRMTM Clothing Ten Collection

DRMTM’s anniversary collection ›TEN‹ is about to drop. Still living dreams… DRMTM since 2006!

Inspired by the big city nomad, the colour palette follows classical earthy tones as well as ice blue hues and sophisticated grey tones. Contrasting patterns and fabulous fabric finishing, like the minimal marble print or classical and cool acid washed features top off your fall/winter 2016 outfits.

In addition to that DRMTM launches the new line DRMTM Studios, standing for a more mature style, slightly minimalistic with special cuts and exciting material mixing.

Athletic, fashion forward and in every situation: cozy and comfortable. This is DRMTM and always has been. Time to celebrate DRMTM’s 10th birthday!

DRMTM is a Contemporary Streetwear Brand for which Gooqx takes over every step of the way: from design process through corporate design, production, web development, social media and content building, to events.

DRMTM was established in 2006 envisioning the development of modern street fashion designed in Germany. By mixing classic styles with contemporary elements, DRMTM strives to create ready-to-wear-garments for young individualists emphasizing state-of-the-art designs and provoking messages on classic products. With its roots in the urban lifestyle scene, DRMTM has evolved from a local label to a globally known brand. Their fashionable, high quality products have made DRMTM a popular name among street fashion enthusiasts worldwide. With a collection of around 200 styles per season, and selling in more than ten countries worldwide, DRMTM has become an established and successful brand.

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