Gooqx Speakerbox No. 10 - Andra Stritter

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08. January 2018

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Gooqx Speakerbox
No. 10 - Andra Stritter

Ecological Design is an issue that more and more brands are dealing with due to necessity, awareness, pragmatism and raising idealism. For this issue of Gooqx’s speaker box, I took a closer look at some upcoming and at some established brands that successfully and originally implemented principles of ecological design.

In hopes that some of these brands’ approaches are going to be an inspiration for Gooqx and our daily work life, the 10th speaker box presented a selection of strong examples for entities cultivating an eco-centric business model.

How much can you change in a world where an average American produces two pounds of waste every single day? Introducing Zero Waste pioneer Bea Johnson’s secret to living waste-free since 2008: She follows five simple principles in order: Refuse – Reduce – Reuse – Recycle – Rot. Bea and her family unfailingly refuse everything that they don’t need – mainly single use plastics – and reuse as much as they possibly can, like shopping bags. Single use plastics are a fundamental contributor to the world’s pollution problem, as only 5% of plastics are recycled effectively, while up to a third lands up in fragile ecosystems such as the world’s oceans. This means the equivalent of one garbage truck load of plastic is dumped into the ocean every minute. By 2050 there could easily be more plastic in the sea than fish. (2)

A change in consumer behavior is more than desirable but the Zero Waste principles can not only guide our daily lives but also help companies to reduce waste and function as a role model.

The company THINXS is built on two of the above mentioned principles: Refuse and reuse. They invented period proof panties, which not only reduce waste, but also support girls and women in Africa. Talking about the brand’s product, communication and visual concept may have made some of my male coworkers feel uncomfortable during the speaker box but it was an example of how a brand beautifully and successfully masters a sensitive topic to sell an innovative and ecological product. Besides being a part of the sustainability revolution, THINXS is a textbook example for the rise of the female-driven economy and „woman-centered innovation of products and services for women by women, based on the pain points women experience in daily life.“ (1)

Gooqx Speakerbox No. 10 - Andra Stritter Refuse – Reduce – Reuse – Recycle – Rot
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While THINX is still fairly unknown and ‚only‘ caters to half of the planet’s population, some well-established brands tackle a major problem our whole world is facing: Oceanic pollution. Parley is an Eco Innovation Company that works together with brands to turn ocean plastics into raw materials.

Through collecting, up-cycling and beautifully redesigning everyday products in collaborations with big players brands such as Adidas, G-Star or world-renown football club FC Bayern Munich, they not only raise awareness to the pollution problem, but also show alternative use of recycling benefits.

There is also a downside to the sustainability conversation and whether brands green-wash themselves to boost their image. The problematic nature of greenwashing debates whether it can be truthfully justified in today’s world or whether it is desired by the majority of the population at all.

There is no denying that it becomes increasingly important to raise awareness among all of us and to stop looking the other way – in the future, there may be nowhere to look without stumbling upon waste and pollution, oceans and dry land alike.

Only by informing and confronting consumers again and again about companies such as Parley, THINX or the Zero Waste movement, can we shed a light on alternatives to mainstream consumption and effects on our eco-system. A mere drop in the ocean or not, it is definitely a step into the right direction.

Gooqx wants to take those first steps as well and we started by getting rid of our capsule coffee maker and invested in a portafilter machine, which does not only make us happy because of the great taste but also because we know we are reducing waste.

For the future we want to think about taking those next steps. Stay tuned to see what we think of or share your ideas or how you do it with us!


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