Gooqx Speakerbox - No. 12 - Julia Hallas

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Julia Hallas



16. March 2018

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Gooqx Speakerbox
No. 11 - Julia Hallas

Feeling good is something everyone of us is trying to achieve. Beginning with physical wellbeing or a stable relationship or family - everyone is in need of harmony.

Finding an issue for my speakerbox was easy compared to examining it from dispassionate point of view. So I just tried to disclose what I know about how to feel good.

Increasing your own wellbeing sometimes feels like a constant emotional up and down. As experience grows constantly and people and impressions come and go every day, we have to be flexible with our judgement of situations and feelings. The impact of our own judgement on our perception and subaudition is incredibly high. The use of “affirmations” makes that more than clear.

Everyone knows thoughts like “Itʼs always the same”, “I canʼt make it”, “I am too fat”, “l mustnʼt get sick right now”, “Iʼm too shy” and so on. These negative dogmas are often unknowingly our longtime companions. The discourse of gender and racism in linguistics already taught how speech influences our own perception of reality.

When it comes to ourselves weʼre not as attentive about how we say things. Formulating dogmas positively and life-affirmingly can change your life, but learning it can be tough.

Gooqx Speakerbox - No. 12 - Julia Hallas
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Saying things like “Nothing can happen to me”, “I love myself”, “I am selfconfident”, “I deserve it” may seem a little bit weird to you at first, but rewriting your dogmas into positive affirmations will have a huge impact.

There is one more little word that creates distance to ourselves and to the topics weʼre talking about every day: “one”. When we are talking to friends, relatives or even colleagues we often have the tendency to say “one” instead of “I”. For example if someone says: “Sometimes what one actually says differs a lot from one means to say.” Using “I” instead of “one” makes feelings or problems more clear to us and accomplishes closeness.

Considering the fact that the time we spend at the office takes up the majority of our time spent, I tried to set another focus on a harmonizing work climate. I recently came across an article written by Kevin Daum. Daum is an author, columnist and entrepreneurship coach, who states 5 steps of “how to avoid bad office communication”. According to Daum the most common problem is “quiet politeness”. By allowing the following pillars in office interaction, a company supports building a healthy environment where people are open and honest in a productive way: “Encourage kindness over politeness”, “Establish the permission to say what you think”, “Seek out the source”, “Create requirement to be honest” and “Prioritize the bigger picture”.

Everyone heard of “work-life-balance” or even has an idea of how their own “balance” could be improved. But again: Speech creates reality. By trying to balance two things we put them on opposite sides of a scale, which makes them rivals. The more weight one side gets, the less importance we attribute to the other side. As you can imagine, I cannot go to “work” every morning,hang up my “life” on a coat rack and strip it on again in the evening like a jacket. Instead of putting leisure and obligation on two sides, we can try to see these topics of our daily lives in a circular flow.

The word “I” becomes increasingly important once again: I am the one who is responsible for bringing everything into the right flow. By understanding that, we prevent ourselves from becoming the victim of that daily struggle.

As weʼre used to communicating digitally, a tool for compliments, suggestions, ratings and bringing forward problems or fears, could make keeping up good office communication like Gooqxʼs more easy. There are already several platforms for employee satisfaction, such like “qualtrics”, “easy-feedback” or “company-mood” which are good tools most certainly. By creating our very own platform “feelgood@gooqx” weʼd have the possibility to adapt the communication and “flow” we already have amongst us and transform it into a tool to increase or preserve a good vibe and communication.


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