Speakerbox No. 15 - Isabelle Gruchot

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23. July 2018

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Gooqx Speakerbox
No. 15 - Isabelle Gruchot

The future can be a scary thing. Especially in fiction literature, we are often reminded of the approaching doom of mankind, the next alien invasion, zombie apocalypse and did I mention the supernova inferno? In this edition of the Gooqx Speakerbox, we dived deep into the future and took a glimpse at what might, from a scientific point of view, really happen in the next 100 years.

Thinking about future trends and developments is deeply rooted in our daily work-life. We research upcoming design possibilities, development patterns or trend studies for our clients, thinking about how we can facilitate our work or simply keep up to date with the current progress of life in earth. On a broader spectrum we can see how the future has always been an interesting topic for mankind. When we revisit reports of how our ancestors imagined 2018 to be, we are continuously faced with a variety of funny, absurd but at times shockingly accurate depictions of today’s world. Which led me to my first question: „Why did they get it right?“

Jules Verne, french Sci-Fi author who lived in the 19th century, precisely described what the first manned space mission to the moon would be like in his novel „From the Earth to the Moon“ (1865). In the book, he ‚predicted‘ the size of the space capsule, the launch-location in Florida, the number of involved astronauts, the way they would be floating around in zero gravity and the landing on water afterwards. Unfortunately, Verne did not live to see his predictions become reality, almost 100 years after he wrote his novel, when the Apollo-11 launched in Cape Canaveral and successfully landed on the moon.

Gooqx Speakerbox No. 15 - Isabelle Gruchot
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Much like Verne, futurists of the past and present have always had vivid exchanges with scientists to determine our future. One of them is Michio Kaku, who describes in „Physics of the Future“, which inventions are likely to become part of our everyday live in the near (i.e. next 30 years) and far (next 100 years) future. He gathered information about the future from 300 different academic researchers - from a variety of disciplines.

According to String theory, within the next 30 years, all of us will be wearing smart contact-lenses, equipped with LEDs that provide a non-stationary internet-connection - The World Wide Web to go, so to speak. The lenses will not only give us the familiar comfort our smartphones offer us today, but furthermore revolutionize the tourism industry. When visiting ancient ruins in Greece for instance, our lenses will scan the surroundings and render a 3D-image of the building during its glory days. Today’s scientists are already researching ways to remove objects from our view and it is very likely that our smart contact-lenses will one day provide us with clear vision at concerts or the movies, blocking every tall person in front of us. Practical.

Within the next 100 years, trying to prevent further global warming will be one of the most important tasks at hand. One way to help mother earth will be to stop the usage of fossil fuels and to garner energy from nuclear fusion or - in other words - star-energy. By then, our world will most certainly look different than today - cities like New York City could be enclosed in big dams to stop the water masses from entering the city. People will grow much older than today. Thanks to medical advancements, we will be able to avoid diseases such as cancer, because we will also be able to detect them very early on. Intelligent DNA-microchips in our bathroom mirror (and our toilet, I know!) will measure our data from just one exhalation and render a complete report of our health.

In summary, our future will be heavily influenced by changes in digital technology, which in turn will affect the development of medical care, transportation, entertainment and our environment. Chances are, we are not going to see all of these changes in our own lifetime - but certainly some of them. Unless we actually will be invaded by aliens.

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