Speakerbox No. 16 - Carry Seidenberg

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29. August 2018

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Gooqx Speakerbox
No. 16 - Carry Seidenberg

Podcast listeners are the hyper-engaged, super-supportive audience, brands have been wishing to reach since the beginning of advertising. But is that really true? In our Speakerbox No. 16 our Digital Marketing Manager Carry dived deeper into the area of this re-emerging trend, highlighting the marketing side of it and introduced us into a world full of promising buzz.

Podcasts are not a new phenomenon, but are inevitably booming again and this is why you should care. The consumption of media on demand has evolved in the last years, including the latest introduction of wireless headphones, bluetooth home pods and voice-operated Alexas. This happened to an extend which enabled the second podcast wave altogether. The growing interest in portable entertainment, whether via social media, video-on-demand or the increasing global success of Spotify, has also challenged content makers to create new ways of communication. The quality of new content has improved so much, in fact, this change has majorly influenced the increased popularity in podcasts and other new forms of media consumption.

From the technology POV, 73% of Podcast users listen to podcast via their smartphone, one-third of users listen to podcast in waiting situations (while sitting in a train or on the way to work) and one quarter listens to podcasts via streaming portals such as Spotify or Deezer (1). These numbers are an important indicator and underline how new technologies have influenced the way users interact with new content formats.

Speakerbox No. 16 - Carry Seidenberg
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In comparison to classical radio broadcasting, where the number of listeners is linked to daytime constraints, the consumption of podcasts is nowhere near decreasing at any time of the day. Due to the easy access via mobile phones, there are no limits to when and where they consume podcasts - users can listen to their favorite channels while commuting, while working or while being at home, during any activity.

The average length of staying on a podcast channel is higher than on Facebook or Instagram, the average podcasts listener is smart, mobile, local, trend-oriented, often characterized as an early adopter with a high disposable income (1). Therefore, becoming a growingly important target group for brands and marketers alike - so we better keep an eye on them. ;-)

Some of the most popular podcasts originated from blogs or have been created as an extended form of engaging with celebrity communities, with more influencers joining the podcast club recently. Growing a massive fan base, podcast hosts also started to capitalize on their success, selling additional podcast merchandise or tour tickets.

In terms of addressing this highly interesting and potentially revenue-driving audience, there are 3 advertising formats that can be used within the podcast in a native way: the pre-roll, the mid-roll, and the post-roll placements. These three formats are perfect to send authentic, target group-specific and smart commercial messages to the listeners. With podcast users being highly loyal and also open to ads mentioned by their podcast hosts, those messages are more credible and more reliable to the podcast community, making the rate of acceptance towards advertisement higher than on Instagram (2). And the best thing is, this kind of advertising costs nothing in production.

For us at Gooqx this means: Finding creative ways for implementing those features into our strategies, without being a classic media agency, bringing Zeitgeist opportunities close to our clients.

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