Speakerbox No. 17 - Katharina Ziemkus

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Katharina Ziemkus



27. September 2018

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Gooqx Speakerbox
No. 17 - Katharina Ziemkus

What is Gooqx? Gooqx is defined by all its team members, all its departments and all its possibilities. Speaking of possibilities, it’s crucial to be in a constant movement figuring out how to improve, where strengths and opportunities lie and how to develop further in certain fields as an agency. This Speakerbox depicts the development and possibilities of a seemingly young department at Gooqx - the production department.

Since the production team developed into an strong department over the last two years - it’s obvious that there was a decision to make. But let us step back for a moment and take a look at the scope of work until now. In the past, we have worked autonomously on all things production - from executing to data handling, retouching or facilitating printing files, as well as creating the concepts and directing the photos or films. Yet, we would have to and still outsource a major chunk to photographers, videographers on post-production.

But this has changed now, as our latest team addition is Ozzy Tasci supports us with his skill set as someone who adds video post-production, editing and grading to our in-house capabilities. This enables us to offer a wider range of production components to existing and new clients and projects.

Speakerbox No. 17 - Katharina Ziemkus
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Does Gooqx stand for production? Most are not aware that we do 12 to 20 productions every year to create new digital content, campaigns and other assets for our clients. Although most of our work is based on ‚typical‘ digital agency tasks, our productions department has grown significantly in the number of projects and our in-house capabilities in the last year.

Fast-forward, now is the time to introduce our new space within the Gooqx cosmos: The Studio. Occupying half of the ground floor, this part of our business set-up will be completely dedicated to producing, editing and finalizing visual and story-led content. Extending this department, we will be able to closely work with the marketing team to create meaningful and Zeitgeist pieces which will be inseparably linked to the communication strategy goals, creating final assets via the creative department and embed those into platforms, websites and apps with our development departments. All in-house for a holistic work cycle.

Since we work in a visual-heavy environment, we wanted to create something special for The Studio which acts within the Gooqx cosmos, but stands on its own. If you see a new account on your favorite social media apps, this is us, putting our inspiration, influences and visions out to you. Communicating through video and photo content, we will take you on a journey through our projects and outcomes at Gooqx' The Studio.

We are excited to show you more soon!

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