Gooqx Speakerbox No. 3 Martin Ratkowski

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09. May 2017

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Gooqx Speakerbox
No. 3 – Martin Ratkowski

Gooqx Speakerbox Round 3 it is. My addiction to series like House of Cards, Fargo, Stranger Things and co. led me to the obvious … Let’s talk about Netflix.

Looking into Netflix’ success got me thinking, what is it that makes me click the play button again and again? How does Netflix know what I – and millions of other users – like? Some research on the world wide web should bring some clarity.

„A data-driven company like Netflix uses analytics to select movies, create content and make multimillion dollar decisions.“ So, what does Netflix know about me? Probably more than I would have assumed. To explain this I needed an example of data-driven content creation.

Gooqx Speakerbox: #3 Martin Ratkowski House of Cards
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House of Cards debuted on February 1, 2013 and it turned out to be an immediate hit. Some say that its success was guaranteed in advance by focussing on overlaps in customers’ interests.

The formula was quite simple: Data shows that people who liked the original British version of „House of Cards“ are likely to enjoy movies that were directed by David Fincher. In turn, Fincher fans tend to prefer Kevin Spacey movies as well. This results in three overlapping circles of interests, which led to the series’ success.

Netflix had used Big Data to determine what their users might like to see. In other words: Data inspired the creative direction.

In conclusion we discussed whether it is good or critical to let data influence the creative process and what this means for the future of television and the whole media industry.

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