Gooqx Speakerbox No.6 - Kristof Puller

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02. August 2017

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Gooqx Speakerbox
No. 6 - Kristof Puller

It was my wish to talk about "hacking & cybersecurity" in our 6th speakerbox. The reason why is very easy to explain: We live in a world with the very first generation of Digital Natives, grown up fully connected to the internet. All of us use smartphones, completely integrated into our daily lives. Even at work we have access and work with all available digital channels for our daily tasks.

A few of us are very interested in the technicalities behind that, but that, actually, is a rarity. ‚Simple‘ users see the ever-present resources the internet offers in today’s digital age as a self-evident fact in their lives. But, it is not.

If there were no people who constantly break technical borders, there would be no access to the internet as we know it. Yes, we should be grateful for all the "nerd" work in the last years, being so deeply connected to a part of the “hacking movement“. But that is only one side of the medal.

Especially now, it is also necessary to talk about the "dark" side of our digital age. Hacking is not something which happens from time to time. As a matter of fact, in our present time hacking is happening everyday and everywhere. And I am sure someone reading this has already been targeted by a Botnet attack in the past or, at least, has been affected by one in some way.

Gooqx Speakerbox No.6 - Kristof Puller
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Hacking today and modern activism is closely knitted together, more than we know, and some hacker collectives like Anonymous even declared war on ISIS in recent history. Although nations work together on this matter openly, it is not uncommon to knowingly spy on each other in the background. TOR Networks and the Darknet is becoming more and more popular but what is it? Is cyberwar something that can really happen today? Is there a possible wort case scenario?

We have to talk about this and look realistically on our "bright" digital future. I don't want you to panic or blame anyone in this article who is not as aware of this topic, but I want to shake up my colleagues that our day-to-day "matter" could also turn into „dark-matter" at some point - and we should definitely use it with more awareness in our business and also in our privat live. #SmartHouse.

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