Gooqx Speakerbox No.7 - Thoai-Hong Thu

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05. September 2017

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Gooqx Speakerbox
No. 7 - Thoai-Hong Thu

In the course of the training trip with Gooqx, I gave my Speakerbox speech in Saint-Ode, Belgium. As I’m very interested in music, it suggested itself that my talk would be about my passion for music, and in this particular case, German rap. Considering our agency work, which includes marketing strategies, I gave an insight into the promotion of German rap music.

To give an understanding of this subject I started by pointing out the most important milestones of the history of German rap. Built on this basic knowledge I delivered my speech about the promotion of German rap and its influence on the charting system.

The GfK Entertainment Charts are generated by turnover instead of sold units since 2007. Because of that, the artists and labels had to come up with a way to get better chart positions in spite of lower sales compared with the pop industry.

Most German rap artists use deluxe boxes with special content to increase their sales. These boxes usually contain an instrumental CD, a poster, a shirt and an autograph. More often than not they add other items to it, which correspond to the album’s topic. However, the material content must not exceed the price of the music. In fact, an album is always calculated with 15 euro in sales. In most cases, these boxes are priced between 30 and 50 euro, which is the cap limit, to get a chart position that is as high as possible.

In that way, it is possible to get a higher position with 10,000 sales of a box, than with 20,000 sales of an album without box.

An illustrated example:
Without box: 20,000 copies x 15€ = 300,000€
With box: 10.000 copies x 45€ = 450,000€

Gooqx Speakerbox No.7 - Thoai-Hong Thu
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I named a few examples in order to illustrate how artists and labels commercialize their releases. For example, Kollegah’s album „King“ had one of the longest promotion phases in Germany, which lasted six months. The result was the achievement of gold status (100,000 sold copies) during the first 24 hours of sales. I also gave an insight into the marketing strategies of KIZ, Casper and other artists, who are all using different and creative communication channels for their releases.

German rap promotion works explicitly towards the release date, because there is only a vanishingly small acceptance of hip hop in German mainstream with hiphop compared to pop music. Because the songs are not played by German radio stations they cannot be promoted over a long period of time.

Direct marketing is the core of German rap promotion, because the artists seem to be approachable and interact with their fans.

To sum up one can say, that German rap has got its very own infrastructure and that its marketing is unique compared to other music genres in Germany.

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