Gooqx Speakerbox No. 8 - Jule Bohm

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Jule Bohm



15. September 2017

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Gooqx Speakerbox
No. 8 - Jule Bohm

Influencer! The future of social media advertising? Or a hype that will soon be forgotten?

Have you ever caught yourself wondering who some of the people in brand campaigns are? Or which relation they have to the advertised product or the brand they represent? Nowadays, it is impossible to scroll through Instagram or YouTube without bumping into branded content, as the phenomenon of influencer marketing has found its way into all social media channels.

The phenomenal and on-going success of conveying brand messages via an online medium such as Instagram has led me to dedicate my speaker box to influencer marketing.

More than 13,000 advertising messages are bombarded onto every person every day. Traditional advertising soon reaches its limits. This is exactly where influencer marketing comes in. Bloggers and YouTubers are every day people, students, employees, which support their authentic credibility from the consumer’s perspective. Therefore, they are well suited to promote new products and brands. The fact that the names of the products in use are also mentioned, is rarely seen as advertising, but rather as a friendly and trustworthy tip. Hence, influencer marketing can therefore have a decisive influence on the reach and awareness of products and brands.

Gooqx Speakerbox No. 8 - Jule Bohm Narcissistic self-promoter or commercialized role models?
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Social media has given unprecedented access to the lives of famous, and sometimes rich people by providing fans and followers with „Big Brother“-like entryways into somewhat private lives of role models and online celebrities.

In the US, influencer marketing is already regarded as "The new king of content". In Germany, the topic is still at the beginning of its evolution, although the potential is self-evident. At least one in eleven Germans is regarded as "influencer", a person whose opinion is shaping social media. You can argue about their potential but they have managed to influence the advertising market significantly in recent years.

The influencers obviously do one thing very well and very successfully: they communicate the right content to the right target groups via the right channels.

I don't believe that this "marketing bubble", which many people say will soon burst, is true. There simply is a shift in media. The role models have easily switched to digital channels. Influencer marketing is not really a new invention: only the type of "brand ambassadors" and the channels to reach the consumers have changed.

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