Gooqx Team Trip 2017

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Dajana Milosevic



31. August 2017

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Team Trip 2017

Following our annual tradition, this year’s destination for the Gooqx trip was Belgium.

Due to last year’s move to the new office the trip was cancelled in 2016. So we were even more eager to travel together and spend the weekend now.

Our trips are not all work or fun, but we always use this occasion to brainstorm and find new ideas. The essence of our trips are the workshops and inspiration meetings – but also dinners to exchange ideas and spend some time together.

Beside the get-togethers we also had presentations on the timetable: Thoai-Hong’s chosen topic was the analysis of promotional phases for record releases within German rap music with best case studies on Kollegah, KIZ and Casper. More on this speaker box will follow shortly, as it served as a great source of knowledge. Broadening our horizons made us hungry for more brain food and thirsty for beer – and in this case, a cold and refreshing Warsteiner.

This weekend our CEO Huy told us about some important steps about the origin and the development of Gooqx in his presentation „Past, Present & Future“. Shedding light on all of our current and upcoming projects and possibilities put our work into a greater perspective.

All of us are really proud of what we have created together over the years and what we will accomplish together in the future, since we have been growing stronger over the weekend.

After a short emotional moment the day came to a close. Who knew that marketing people can cook too? Our digital marketing lead Yu-Ting has pampered the team throughout the whole trip with his incredible cooking skills. No moments for being hungry, thanks to midnight snacks and late night soups.

Upon arrival in Düsseldorf, we felt strengthened, inspired and more importantly, eager to take on new challenges at work.

Cheers to the best team!

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