At the Gooqx-side of life

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24. September 2018

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At the
Gooqx-side of life

Same same but different – as in the years before, we wanted to celebrate our Gooqx family with a team trip. This time around, we chose to do something different – with one of Germany‘s hottest day ahead, 38° degrees inspired us to ditch the desks and jump into a refreshing lake instead.

But business before pleasure: Before we set out on our way, our monthly Gooqx Speakerbox took place (stay tuned for the upcoming post). Followed by our CEOs annual presentation „Past, present & future“, Huy shared insights about our agency‘s development and presented all major projects and challenges. All of us are really proud of what we have created together over the years and what we will accomplish together in the future. Cheers to that!

At the Gooqx-side of life
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For the rest of the day, we enjoyed the sunny weather and an overdue catch-up with colleagues, all while wakeboarding with a mild breeze at the lake. Some of us were real board pros and stepped up the game with ollis and the surface 180. But there’s no Gooqx trip without BBQ (beer included!) - this time, pampered by our CEO who acted as our barbecue master.

Two is better than one and so we ended the day with a second BBQ on our roof…

Let's sum it up in a quite cheesy way: Crew love is true love.
X Gooqx family

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