Knowledge is key - so we need to soak it all up

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Valerie Ox



18. January 2018

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Knowledge is key -
so we need to soak it all up

With new digital demands and challenging projects ahead for 2018, we make sure to be up to date on all things digital. Luckily, there are numerous options out there to not only broaden the horizon but also speak directly to the movers and shakers of tomorrow.

Our marketing department headed to Berlin this week to attend the #FASHIONTECH and Zeit Magazine/Vogue conferences on the future of fashion. On the hunt for the next chapter of global digitalization, we learned about what Millennials really really want in digital brand communications, how to transform a traditional German brand into a global business or how technology nowadays paves the way for new inventions such as see-through leather.

Two topics stood out to be 100% accurate in terms of Zeitgeist - new developments in sustainability and the use of blockchain technology in the fashion industry. While the first topic is not new, it has certainly received an image make-over in the last year with new brands launching collaborations or new products, fitting the overall demands of the next generation of consumers. Blockchain technology, on the other hand, has been overshadowed by news of cryptocurrencies rising and plummeting in the last months.

Blockchain, however, might become a crucial safety net for all digital transactions, affecting fashion and other businesses alike, as well as providing a much needed infrastructure for the internet of things in the near future. We regard these two topics as thought-leading for our future projects as well and will have a close look on their development.

Snack some snapshots from the last two days below and stay tuned for more updates like these in the future!

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