Onomoto – Motion Design with a Bang

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Carolin Schmitt



12. April 2019

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Onomoto – Motion
Design with a Bang

Great minds think alike – and when the physical proximity (Hi neighbour!) adds into this, creativity can flow even better. Gooqx designed and developed the corporate design and website for Düsseldorf-based Onomoto, a studio for visual content by motion designer Joel Rieger in 2018.

We have always shared a creative vision for a variety of different projects with Joel. He asked us to put our heads together to find the perfect corporate identity for Onomoto, including the logo design, website and stationery.

Onomoto stands for ‘motion design with a bang’, derived from the concept of ‘Onomatopoesie’ which describes linguistic imitations of acoustic noises like ‘Bam’ or ‘Pow’, as seen in comics.

In the logo development, we translated the spoken sound of the melodic brand name Onomoto into a visual language. The result? A compact, however bold and loud typography. Its main goal: be memorable.

The website has a playful approach. In its user journey, you are led through the portfolio of completed video and animation projects of the studio, and showcasing work in progress in slideshows. It’s a unique visual experience, go get a look on it right here: at the website!

Our favorite discipline will always be the one we started with back in the day. Developing websites will forever be a way to guide an audience through a complex brand, highlighting the important pieces to make the visit enjoyable and fun. Speak to us if you want to offer your audience an innovative and fluid online journey through your brand’s vision. Get in touch!

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