Pomme des Garçons Blog Relaunch

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10. October 2018

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Pomme des Garçons
Blog Relaunch

A glimpse at plates around the world, behind the scenes of individual production facilities, skimming through books, browsing through videos and all of this with a passion for detail and the extraordinary. Traveling to all of the worldl‘s continents, discovering foreign worlds and cultures: Pomme des Garçons deals with a conscious indulgence revolving around food and touches on many related topics. Say hi to Pomme des Garçons, a lifestyle blog that centers around the most beautiful thing in the world: Enjoyment.

No coincidental kitchen experiments, no attempt at explaining specialist fields or writing restaurant reviews. No boring travel reports and destinations of mass tourism.

Pomme des Garçons considers itself a lifestyle blog of a community, whose understanding of life quality goes hand in hand with the beautiful things life has to offer. That entails much more than just food: fashion, music, art, traveling and culture, experienced by style conscious young people, who co-shape the pulse of the time.

In order to give topics like food trends, dream destinations, new taste adventures, wow-moments and interesting characters an appropriate platform, for its relaunch Gooqx gave the lifestyle blog a complete makeover. All articles are now separated into the categories TASTE, LOOK & MOVE, that cover topics related to food, design and travel. The Pomme des Garçons writers keep their eyes and ears open and their taste buds ready in metropolises like Berlin, Paris, Cape Town, London, Dusseldorf and Saigon. The airy design leaves room for the articles and pictures to add a sprinkle of umami to the site.

Gooqx was responsible for the concept, design and development of the website. We knew we wanted to keep the setup pretty straightforward, when it came to creating a custom Wordpress theme for our friends over at Pomme des Garçons. The platform is infamous for its functions supporting multi-author outputs. Implementing this feature, it is super easy for all authors to create yummy posts for the different categories (taste, look, move). Additionally, we used various JavaScript libraries to create Pomme’s unique slider and post-loading animations.

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