Cheers to our partners Spotify!

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Dajana Milosevic



08. August 2017

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Cheers to our partner Spotify!

For one year now we have been sharing this inspiring working space with Spotify. We celebrated our first co-working anniversary on our roof terrace with some ice cold Warsteiner beer and delicious pizza from our friends from What’s Pizza.

Besides the fact that we are now sharing our office under one roof, we have already been partners for three successful years, where we worked together on various projects. Gooqx is proud to be involved in many Spotify collaborations, in which we were responsible for the development, design and individual implementations in the sector of digital advertising. In that time we have cooperated with Spotify for many well-known brands such as Samsung, Audi, Seat, Moët and many more.

Cheers to that!

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