Save the date: TEDx MauerPark

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Yu-Ting Liu



7. May 2018

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Save the date:
TEDx MauerPark

Being a marketeer and brand consultant, we are daily confronted with the impact of digital communications on consumers.

In order to have a holistic view on this topic and not to be trapped in a professional filter bubble, we sometimes have to put ourselves back into the position of being regular users. It has been long since the introduction of social media to the wide public, but the mind shift this form of communication demands is still omnipresent in today’s world. Not only has the amount of information drastically increased, it is also constantly challenging the (conscious) management of our attention span (hint: tldr). Additionally, the form of content has been dominated by attention seeking punchlines and references trying to trigger our inner sensationalism and endless curiosity for something new. As users we are not only victims of this kind of distraction but most importantly we are surrounding ourselves with superficiality, dictated by the mechanisms of instant likes, shares and follows.

The mechanisms behind social media have made emotional interactions among each other quantifiable by leaving out the little nuances and emotions which cannot be categorized into main categories of „Love, Haha, Wow, Sad, Angry“.

What kind of consequences this new form of human communication has created and why the long propagated mindset of „think global, act local“ is undergoing an evolution is something I will talk about in my upcoming TEDxMauerpark on the 9th of June in Berlin.

Save the date: TEDx MauerPark
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Follow the link here to get more hints about my presentation content.

In order to save one of the last tickets available, please follow this link.

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