One, two, vaust - a vision coming to life

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27. April 2018

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One, two, vaust
a vision coming to life

Gooqx is a place which fosters creativity and artistic outlets.

It is part of our DNA that many Gooqx’ team members work on creative projects outside their day job – not because there is not enough work, but because being surrounded by a group of creatives and visionaries in their fields is motivation enough to naturally start working on side projects and expand ideas, boundaries, and horizons.

One of this cases is Gooqx creative director & partner David, who has been working on a variety of interior projects before (Hello Gooqx office!) and finally launched his objects and spaces business with two of his best friends. Welcome to VAUST’s new collection of items which manifest today’s contemporary spirit in furniture-inspired series. Even though the creators, David, Joern and Bart, are strong individuals on their own, they managed to unify their vision of contemporary interior objects into a harmonic and heterogeneous ensemble. Natural colors and materials, marble, acrylic glass and brass make up a holistic approach to what every interior lover currently seeks. Us included.

What VAUST say about their own collection: Since Aphrodite is not only known for love and harmony, but also for darker forms of desire, for recklessness and independence and unlimited dedication, V / 33 inhabits this creative tension field. In a provoking and sexy manner, the collection explores the interrelation of space, object, human and divine presence. Bold and dark surfaces meet transparent and shiny materials in order to form a tempting composition. Dark marble and stained black oak dance around grey acrylic glass and manually polished brass. Time to feast.

Gooqx’ creative producer Katharina helped out with the video concept accompanying the launch of VAUST’s first objects and created a visual scenery which touches viewers as emotionally as it does sensually and translates the company’s aesthetics onto moving image. An example case of having an inspiring and talented network of friends for projects like these!

Gooqx is excited to support this special project and is looking forward to new synergies like these in the future.

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