Warsteiner Golden Mile

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19. October 2017

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Warsteiner Golden Mile

Ten lucky winners of our Warsteiner “Golden Mile” raffle had the chance to explore Düsseldorf’s best gastronomies and hot spots.

For our client Warsteiner, we created the "Golden Mile" on-ground activation which invited ten Warsteiner fans to participate in a tour around Düsseldorf’s hottest gastronomy spots. In addition to the concept, its planning and execution, we also supported the campaign with the right mix of Facebook media. Our friends from Grown summed up our event with the video below.

The idea: let customers experience the Warsteiner brand from a true tastemaker's perspective. By including different locations from Düsseldorf's "must see" list with an on-location beer sommelier, Warsteiner proved to be the right partner-in-crime for an evening full of adventures and "Us"-moments.

Find our article on this special event below!

Together with bar and club veteran Kay Schloßmacher, the tour began at "What’s Pizza", with a taste of the very first beer pizza in the world. Beer sommelier Holger introduced the participants to beer brewing secrets and taught them all about the ingredients first hand. Thanks to an extensive portfolio of different beers at Warsteiner, participants experienced the vast variety of delicious and high quality brewing.

Next stop: "Im Goldenen Ring"! After arriving by rickshaw in style, the winners had the chance to get to know and compete against each other during a gripping game of skittles.

The group arrived at "Café Bató", which is located at the Rhine esplanade, just in time for sunset. There they were rewarded with a magnificent view of the brightly lit skyline and Düsseldorf’s traditional summer fair at the west bank.

However, that was not all! After a final tour through the city's old town streets and the famous Königsallee, the winners arrived at Düsseldorf's hottest bar. Welcome to "Sir Walter". Eventually, the evening came to an end after new friends had the chance to exchange their impressions of the city and of Warsteiner's Golden Mile while enjoying some delicious cocktails and Warsteiner beers.


A big thanks to the participants for this tour and a one-of-a-kind "Us"-moment.

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