Welcome Taeko, Director of New Business!

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18. July 2018

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Welcome Taeko,
Director of New Business!

Exciting times ahead and we are delighted to work with Taeko to oversee our new business division.

Do you remember what kind of MySpace profile you had? Picture this for a moment and try to visualize the background of your choice. As true digital pioneer, she worked with the platform before Facebook kicked off, being faced with creating first business profiles on a social platform. Potentially, there had been sleepless nights involved, contemplating whether a regular MySpace user would want to add a chewing gum brand to their friends list. But those days are gone and luckily social media did not avert from following brands, in fact, social platform are an essential part of brand communication nowadays. Being in the middle of the rise of digital advertising, Taeko was part of an indispensable and irreversible evolution. Her journey continued as she faced new challenges at Microsoft advertising until she changed to Spotify as Head of Sales West.

Taeko is deeply inspired by anything in motion, in development, in evolution. Each customer is to be considered individually and all measures are developed according to customer-specifics. From design and conceptual consulting to app development and content production, everything is included so that different customer needs can be met. Always in the focus of the digital zeitgeist and thus never at a standstill.

In her new role at Gooqx she will merge sales, consulting and project management, but most importantly, be an active part of the development of the agency portfolio. Give her a shout, get in touch, meet up to talk about her favorite foodie spots in Düsseldorf or bond over your old MySpace profiles. And if you wondered, what her favorite Spotify playlist is, check this out. Good and nice hip hop

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