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Fritz-kola is one of the most popular and well-known independent German soda manufacturers, and renowned worldwide for its excellent product, as well as for their humorous and clever marketing. Gooqx has been translating this persona since 2012 into the digital world and additionally carried out a website relaunch for 2016.


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Fritz Kola

Cocaine is so eighties.


In 2002 two students in Hamburg founded fritz-kola, which is not only successful but also known worldwide. Fritz-kola, kola made in Germany: less sweet, more caffeine. Gooqx is responsible for the digital appearance and is proud to have joined the company from its roots in 2012 until today. Our work not only includes design and development of the website, but also digital consulting, development, and expansion of international web appearances.

Fritz-kola, made in Germany: less sweet, more caffeine.

Fritz Kola


The world wide web never sleeps.

Recently, we conducted a grand website relaunch in 2016, in which each area was revised and optimized for both desktop and mobile devices. Among other things, we created an illustrated product world for each product, and also redrafted a newshub, an events calendar and an online shop.


Fritz-kola offers a variety of finest lemonades for all taste buds.

In addition to product infos the fritz kola website provides a platform for festivals and aspiring artists that includes a calendar of upcoming festivals and concert dates of newcomer bands.

social media

We not only updated our shops via the website relaunch, but also designed and developed international shops for fritz-kola. One of our new developments is the Newshub which sources news from Instagram, Facebook and blog posts and can also be found on the website.


the instagram feed is one of the included features in the newshub

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