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From automotive to Hollywood blockbusters and cell phone company giants, to world famous sports apparel manufacturers - all these exciting sectors are included in our Spotify-for-Brands portfolio.


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Along with Spotify-for-Brands we conducted many successful collaborations with major brands from different sectors – from cosmetics to technology to automotive industry, we launched web apps, mobile apps and various advertising media. This project page shows some of our highlights from recent years.


  • Concept
  • Creative Direction
  • Content Management
  • Production

Renault Kadjar

Renault Kadjar and Spotify present "Listen Outside". Spotify listeners were able to experience their outdoor moments with suited music from Spotify. Whether you’re hiking, surfing, biking, flying, boating or camping: all you have to do is enter your favorite artist and enjoy.

Gooqx developed the microsite and all of the campaign’s mechanisms.



Fitting to this blockbuster’s release, we embarked on an exciting musical journey with the X-Men’s mutants. The user picks a favorite from a selection of 6 songs and then gets redirected to their personal X-Men playlist and a matching X-Men character. Additionally one can win exciting X-Men merchandise and Spotify vouchers at a lottery. Gooqx generated an action microsite including layout, design and composition specifically produced for the theatrical release.


Samsung Galaxy A

To mark the occasion of the Samsung Galaxy A product launch, we took users back to their favorite decade. The mechanism was designed in an easy and user-friendly manner: choose the favorite genre, select a decade and judge three songs by simply swiping. Finally, the results were compiled into a curated Samsung playlist according to the listener’s music taste.

Gooqx was responsible for the development and design of the microsite.

Responsive Design

responsive design – The user can use all web apps everywhere

All of our web apps are developed and designed for desktop and mobile devices. Everyone can generate their playlist anywhere on any device to enjoy it immediately.



Let us know which song empowers you so all your haters know what’s up! Alongside Adidas and Spotify, Gooqx gave all listeners the chance to create a powerful playlist. Gooqx developed and designed the microsite on which the visitor could choose their favorite song that generated a perfectly personalized sports playlist.