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Street One’s Winter Campaign 2015 "The Shape of December" cooperated with several influencers who developed print images for Street One T-shirts. This process was documented by us and the results were disseminated by the influencers, which laid the foundation for the authentic and integral communication of the campaign.


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Street One

Explore the world with eyes wide open


Gooqx developed the winter campaign "The Shape of December". The campaign contributed versatile content in various media through 360 degrees of communication.

The most significant component of this campaign was comprised of collaborations with digital influencers, such as bloggers and video bloggers spreading jointly developed content in social networks.

Along with photo and video materials, overall communication was developed between on-ground and online measures. Gooqx’s overall tasks for Street One included concept, creative direction, production, media planning, social media management and web development.

Fritz Kola

the influencers

Lena Terlutter, Linda Tol, Mija Flatau

Three cities. Three personalities. Three designs. Along with influencers Linda Tol, Mija Flatau and Lena Terlutter we designed limited edition "The Shape of December " T-shirts.

European influences from the worlds of fashion, art and culture served as design draft inspirations for the three cooperating partners. Every Street One customer is able to set their individual trend statements through the limited edition T-shirts.

Linda Tol combined her passion for photography with her positive motto "I believe in pink", Mija Flatau visualized her passion for travel and personal favorite wisdom "Explore the world with eyes wide open" to be of typographic style, and Lena Turlutter chose feathers symbolizing freedom for her design. Each design reflects a different personality and inspiration from different cities.

the bloggers at the street one creative studio in berlin

Fritz Kola

the bloggers

Selected bloggers were invited to Berlin’s Street One Creative Studio to create their own T-shirt designs. This workshop enabled them to unleash their creativity and bring ideas to paper. The only thing they needed to bring along was their inspiration. After the workshop a vote determined the most popular design and – after being printed on a T-shirt – hit the shelves.

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