Spread love this Christmas, it’s the season of giving.

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18. December 2017

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Spread love this Christmas,
it’s the season of giving.

Merry Christmas from all of us at Gooqx! This year has been one of the most exciting times for us as we have been able to work on thrilling new opportunities.

We are blessed to work with a variety of different people, nationalities and cultures at Gooqx and this will continue in the future. Our company itself is strongly influenced by Asia, especially Vietnam, since our CEO was born there. This year, we joined forces with a group of talented people from all over the world for a genuine heart project in Vietnam – which we will press ahead in 2018.

Vietnam is one of the most exciting new markets in a rapidly developing APAC region and it is said to be similar to a very promising Singapore in the late '90s. Still, many areas of the country are evolving slower or are unable to juggle the demands of such a fast changing environment. Children suffer in particular and there are many ends which need support or are overlooked under economic and social pressure. We see it as our responsibility to do more than just 'work on a project‘ in that country.

In the spirit of Christmas, Gooqx invites you to spread some love this year. We have picked two organizations which we believe will support the next generation of Vietnamese locals to be strong and safe for a bright future:

Chua Long Hoa - a non-governmental organization for male orphans
Hoa Hong Nho - an NGO for sexually abused girls

Follow our campaign on GoFundMe and donate for a good cause:

To all our partners, friends and family, we wish you happy holidays and a blast for 2018 with lots of love, joy and success.

Spread love this Christmas, it’s the season of giving.
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